Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Who is in Charge?

 It has been my observation that children don’t change.  It is the adults that do.  I recently spent two days with my grandson.  The hotel was on the beach.  There was a pool, and the grounds had all sorts of outdoor activities.

We had just one rule.  All electronics were to stay in the room (yes, mine included). 

I think what made the biggest impression on me was not the change in the children from this generation, but in fact their parents and grandparents. The adults that entered the pool or walked down to the beach or tossed a ball with their kids were the most relaxed and had what appeared to be the most fun. 

Then there were the adults that were lying on lounge chairs texting and talking with friends.  They would look up from time to time, wave to their kids and go back to their devices.  Their kids were not laughing as much and were constantly yelling, “Look at me, look at me.”  They really wanted to engage with their parents.

I have had several friends complain about their young ones’ lack of awareness of their world.  Their complaint is that in a car or at a meal, the kids have their eyes down and their mind on a game.  

Perhaps if parents spent time playing word games or singing songs in the car along with sharing their thoughts and day with each other during dinner, there would be more interaction and connection.

When I make mention that, “You are the parent, remove the distraction,” I have been told I don’t understand what it is like to raise a child in today’s world.  Actually, what I don’t understand is the adults allowing their kids to run the household.

Think about it!