Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Good Friend

In one sentence my feelings shifted.  It was simply, “You are a good friend.”  During an on-line game with a friend of many decades, she wrote those simple words to me.

Most of us get nailed with “You are always judging me.”  Or, “don’t judge me.”  Or even, the old saying, “Until you walk a mile in my shoes.”  But this blog is more about how we judge ourselves.

If we always look at what we are not doing, instead of acknowledging what we are doing, we will always feel a sense of sadness and failure.

Life is very complicated.  We are faced with many decisions and choices.  We don’t come into this world with all the answers.  In fact, we come in with very little.  Hopefully the longer we live the more we grow and the more we learn.

Hopefully we have people in our lives that help us become someone we are proud of.  Someone we feel good about.  Someone whom if we could choose, we would choose to be our friend.

A good friend.