Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Way or the Highway

We have all heard this expression. Bottom line is, “If you don’t see things the way I do, take a hike.”

There are lots of people who share this philosophy.  My dad being one of them.  The question is why?  There are probably as many reasons as there are people.  Some people just think they have all the answers.  Others, however, are just frightened by a changing world.

All of us grow up in different times than when we are parents.  Let’s face it the world does not stand still.  Twenty or so years bring changes in style, living conditions, values, etc.  So it stands to reason (well, my reason), that if the world is changing, those who adjust will have an easier time of it.

I know plenty of people who hold on very tightly to the values of their youth.  And, I know plenty of people who jump on the bandwagon and accept what they can’t change.

I truly believe there are many different ways to live life.  Are you happy with the way you are living yours?

Perhaps if you are one of those people who believe in, “My way or the highway,” you can open your mind just a little bit to see that although the world is different, there is so much good.  Look for the positive.  Look for your blessings. 

A highway can be a very lonely place if you are on it alone.