Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Would You Sign-Up?

I was talking with a friend the other day who was clearly distraught.  The summer was rough; she was dealing with many physical and emotional challenges, and things were not going her way.

While we were talking, she said in exasperation, “No one ever told me life would be this hard.”

I immediately had a picture (probably because two very close friends recently had grandkids), of a baby about to be born.  He or she sticks her head out and is given a scenario of all life will throw their way.  I am thinking most infants would say, “NO THANK YOU” and go back to the safety of the womb.

There is no question that we deal with great loss.  There is no question that our faith is continually challenged.  And, there is no question that many times crawling back under the covers is very appealing.

But the reality is, we are born in a world that throws us curve balls, spitballs and hard balls. (Yes, baseball season has even gotten to me).

To keep with the baseball analogy we have a few choices.  We can quit the game and walk off the field (not recommended).  We can pick ourselves up and continue to play as we have been.  Or we can think about this game, look at the good innings and accept that many times we will walk away shaking our heads and asking, “What happened here?”

I know life isn’t a game.  Loss and tragedy isn’t taken lightly.  I heard someone say they feel so deeply that they used to be depressed all the time.  Then someone told them, “This means you have the capacity to love so completely, is that a bad thing?”

My thoughts for today!  Yours?