Saturday, October 19, 2013


When it was suggested to me that it could be my ego that caused me to think I could handle all that life throws me, I wanted to protest.  THEN, I gave it some real thought.

What made me think that I could take on one more task?  What made me think I could handle one more problem?  What made me think I could keep all the balls in the air?  AND, never be stressed, never be short tempered, never let anyone down, and more importantly, do it all perfectly?

EGO!!!!  I never thought I had a big one.  I think perhaps I was wrong.  It’s not that I thought I was better than others.  No, I just thought I could handle things better than others.    

I found myself stressed to the limit, and, I was frustrated and running on empty.  Not in a small way, but a big one.  I became unreasonable and ranted and yelled at someone who didn’t deserve it.  Basically, I lost my cool.

We all get to the point of ‘having had enough’.  There isn’t anyone out there who isn’t dealing with either out of control children, an unreasonable boss, a loud neighbor, a messy spouse and/or friends and family that let us down.

Owning one’s behavior and accepting that being human means NOT being perfect is sometimes all we can do.  That and taking the time to stop, take a deep breath and find whatever method works best to release the stress in our lives before it builds to Biblical proportions.  

Make sense?