Thursday, October 3, 2013

When I lose 5 pounds!

Does this sound like you?  “I will be happier when I lose 5 pounds?”  Or perhaps, ‘When I get a boyfriend, when I get married, when I get a raise, when I graduate school, when I buy a house, when I retire…”

The list can be endless.   The reality is that all the above doesn’t actually make someone happy.  We think it does, but for many we pass right up on the happy factor on our way to yet another goal.

Consider the concept of accepting ourselves and being happy with whom we are, right this minute.  Yes, a few pounds overweight, credit cards in the red, the house without the pool and the anything else you could throw in.

Most studies validate that happy people actually get their happiness from inside themselves and not the things that can be purchased.

I am not underestimating that money, great looks, or a perfect body isn’t appealing.  What I am trying to say is many of those people aren’t happy.  Hard to believe because most of those who don’t fall into that category can’t understand why not.

The reason?  They too want to lose 5 more pounds, have even more money in the bank, and would love to do whatever they feel is out of their reach.

Try finding the things in your life that you can be happy about right now.  Healthy children?  A loving spouse?  Your pets?  A job that pays your bills?  A bed to sleep in at night. 

Whatever it is for you, think about what really is important.  Or, no matter what you have, will you spend your life looking for yet one more thing that prevents you from being happy right at this very moment?