Wednesday, April 2, 2014

It's All Relative

My family moved from the East Coast to the West Coast when I was small.  They brought us to warmer weather, beautiful mountains and a location where we could be swimming in the ocean one day and throwing snowballs the very next.

What they didn’t bring with them were my cousins.  We grew up 3,000 miles away.  Over the next many decades we got together at various family functions and vacations we took.

I was four years old when we came to California.  It amazes me how the connection between my cousins and I pick up within seconds of our being together.  There have been times when 5 to 7 years have gone by with NO communications, and yet when we see each other it is like we met for coffee the day before.

With all the challenges thrown our way.  With all the people who come in and out of our life, I count on the fact that when there is a wedding, graduation or even a funeral it will be my cousins that I feel most comfortable with.  Besides our siblings, they are our first friends.

If you have cousins you have lost contact with, consider calling or writing to them.  Hopefully like me it will feel as if you have recaptured a little something of your childhood.

Do you agree?