Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Lifetime

Of all the things that I heard, it was, “I’m sorry things didn’t work out,” that had the biggest effect on me.

The relationship lasted 30 years.  It is true that it didn’t last a lifetime, but where is it written that lasting a lifetime is the measure of success?  Life is supposed to be a journey and yet, we tend to think that when jobs don’t work, friendships end, marriages dissolve and hobbies are started and stopped that we have failed.

Many people don’t like change.  Many people stay at the same job, live in the same neighborhood, and yes, stay married to the same person, whether they are happy or not.  And yes, I understand there are many good reasons for doing this.

But, what happens when mistakes were made, or things no longer work for us and the people we are with?

Instead of looking at starting over or taking a new course as a failure, how about viewing it as a new opportunity?  How about supporting your friends, your family and yes, yourself, by acknowledging that life is a place to grow and learn and experience.

This doesn’t mean I advocate not taking commitments and responsibilities seriously.  It just means that perhaps we should be more understanding and open when people move on and make new choices. 

So, next time a friend tells you they lost a job, or are leaving a relationship, instead of just being sad or expressing the negative aspect, how about you give them a hug and encourage them in whatever their new path will be.