Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Regrets and/or Remorse

I am pretty sure that most everyone walking the face of the earth has made decisions and then at some point, has had regrets.  Life is a series of choices, roads taken and experiences.

To have never made a wrong choice or a bad decision is virtually impossible.  It could be something as simple as getting a bad perm or buying a used car without having it checked out.  Or, it could be something more important like choosing a profession and later in life, wishing you took a different career path.  Or something life changing such as breaking up a marriage, having an abortion, or giving up a child for adoption.  And later wish you hadn’t.

We make decisions for all sorts of reasons.  Some are made with thought and planning, and some are made with our heart and gut feeling.  I believe that most of us make decisions with good intentions.  In most instances, we don’t really get to know the impact of many decisions until years later.  And by then, more often than not, we can’t change the outcome.

So how do we come to terms with feelings of remorse and/or regret?  I guess for each of us it is different.  Some of us might simple accept the fact that we did the best we could at the time.  Others may hold onto their mistakes and allow themselves to be weighed down.  And, for many, the combination of both.

However you work through and accept things you did and can’t change, acknowledge that you are human.  And with being human, you are not perfect.  As you have learned to forgive others, learn to forgive yourself.