Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Good Intentions

I had every intention of getting up early this morning and driving myself to meet a group of people to engage in a sport.  I have had this ‘good intention’ now for several months.  I have to laugh as I tell myself, “Whom are ya kidding?  You’d like to go, but in reality you don’t really want to go and probably wont go.”

I think we all do this.  “Today, I am going to take the bike out for a ride, or tomorrow I will clean out the garage, or I am going to eat healthy starting Monday.”  Like so many of you, at the time, my intentions were good.  I even took out my racquet, and confirmed with the group.

Somewhere between my ‘good intentions’ and actually showing up I justified to myself more than three solid reasons why I was NOT leaving the house.  “It looks cold outside, I have more important things I need to do, and I really didn’t get as much sleep as I wanted.”

I said I started to laugh, because I knew that I was fooling myself.  We do this.  Why, I am not sure.   Oh, I suppose there are many reasons. 

So, today I have decided to try something that might be more attainable for me.  I really want to be more active; I really want to engage in healthy activities.  So, I will accept that I am not going to drive half-an-hour early in the morning any longer to do something I would have easily done 30 years ago.  Instead, I shall put on my tennis shoes and take the dog for a walk. 

Perhaps changing some of our ‘good intentions’ into ‘a workable plan’ is a better way to go.  At least for me.

Can anyone relate?