Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Emily Post

When I was growing up, Emily Post, who was an American author famous for writing on etiquette was the go-to person on any subject regarding protocol.  How to set a formal dinner table, what is expected when attending a wedding, along with how does a houseguest reciprocate was frequently addressed.  And then there was, “Do I have to write a thank you note since I already thanked the person at my birthday party?”  If there was a sticky situation or you were unsure about the ‘rules’ of etiquette, Emily had an appropriate solution.

Where is Emily when we really need her?  I have several friends who are looking for answers to questions from:

1         .    When I send a text, shouldn’t I get an answer?
           .    Should I leave a voice message, or just hang up the phone?
           .    I have been invited to several weddings, however, I can’t return the invitation because I have such a large family.  What do I tell people who are expecting to be included?
           .    I am hosting a game night and can’t invite all my friends, but I am concerned someone will find out and have their feelings hurt.  How do I handle things when I get a call asking me why they weren’t invited?

I am not sure what Emily would say regarding the above concerns, however, I believe, (yes, my opinion) is communication is key.  If you would like a response from a text, then tell the person to please let you know they received your message.  Find out if your friends prefers a voice-message, or will they know you want to chat simply by the fact that they can see you called.   If asked, explain to those not invited to an event that although you are sad and disappointed you just don’t have the resources or space to include them, it just isn’t possible.

Yes, some people will be upset.  Yes, some people won’t understand.  In a world that changes as quickly as the weather, the best advice I can give is to be open, honest and sincere.

If you were Emily Post, what would you say?