Thursday, May 1, 2014

An Easy Button

Unfortunately, there isn’t one when it comes to life and all the challenges we face.  However, I am not sure why we believe things are meant to be easy.

I would not label my life easy, and yet, many people would.  I believe it is simply because they have not walked in my shoes.  None of us really know the challenges others face.  And, if you aren’t walking in someone else’s shoes, it is almost impossible to fully understand just how challenging life is or has been for them.

Dancing With The Stars has an athlete on the show that lost both her legs from an illness many years ago.  She is an upbeat person and such an inspiration.  To watch her dance is truly amazing.

I wonder if anyone would think her battle was and is easy.  I wonder if she ever thought of giving up because it wasn’t easy.

Perhaps instead of using ‘easy’ as a gauge, we should start looking at hardships as a challenge to overcome.  Perhaps if we acknowledge that we are so much stronger than we might think, we can work through the crap in our lives and know that we ultimately have much more control in the direction we take than we previously realized.

What is your opinion?