Thursday, February 27, 2014

Whose Business Are You Minding

I was sitting around a poker table.  I love the game.  It is as much a study in people as it is a game of luck combined with skill.

The lady sitting to my left won a very large pot.  She didn’t start out with a good hand.  She got VERY lucky.  While pulling in all her chips she smiled and said, “Gambled!”  What she actually meant was, “I really played horribly and won anyway.”   Gamblers call that “Lady Luck”.

This is the very same woman who 15 minutes earlier had a great hand and lost to a gentleman who should never have been in the game.  When this man won, you could hear the lady grumbling under her breath, “I can’t believe he played such bad cards; boy did he get lucky.”

Human nature.  You have to love it.  Whether you understand poker or not, I know you can understand accepting that many of us give ourselves a pass (excuse) while wagging a finger at someone else who is doing the exact same thing.

Do you flip off another driver for cutting in front of you, and then justify it when you do it to someone else because you are in a hurry?  Do you judge the woman in the supermarket for being impatient with her toddler; yet explain your yelling at your kid because you’ve had a long day?

Perhaps we should be spending more time working on our own shortcomings instead of being judge and jury with others.  The truth is, we really can’t change someone else; however, we can change ourselves.

Something to think about.