Thursday, February 6, 2014

Comfort Zone

We all have a ‘comfort zone’.  For some of us it is a large area, and for others it is much smaller.    Whether meeting new people, speaking in public or joining groups, everyone is different in how they feel regarding change and being put in new situations.

Yesterday, my comfort zone was challenged.  If asked, I would have said I wasn’t capable of doing what I was asked to do.  I would have said that I wouldn’t do a good job.

Yesterday I learned something about myself.  Not only was I capable, but also I was told that I did a good job.  The experience left me thinking that life puts up enough roadblocks without my help.

If someone were to ask me my opinion regarding the subject of one’s comfort zone, it would be, “Move past it.  Go to that party that you would tend to shy away from.  Go on a job interview even if you think you aren’t qualified.  And, say yes to someone who asks you out, even if you don’t think they are your type.”

Perhaps you might find that you actually had a good time, or you met someone you wouldn’t normally have met, or like me, you were actually competent in doing something you thought you couldn’t handle.

Don’t allow your ‘comfort zone’ to keep you from trying something new.  Life is an adventure.  Sometimes the unexpected is the best part.