Friday, February 21, 2014


I write a lot about communication.  I believe it is very important whether we are talking about interpersonal relationships, work situations or just plain getting along.  And, I have to admit like everyone else, I am guilty of NOT communicating in a way that I would like.

Presently, I find myself in a situation where communication has broken down completely.  And, I find myself just wanting to give up.  Here is what I have taken out of my recent communication breakdown.

Nothing that you text, write or say will be taken in the vein you mean it when the receiver is angry.  If you say something like, “Thank you for being an adult (yes, a direct quote from me), they will hear, “Thank you for finally NOT acting like a child.”  What I really meant was, “Thank you for taking the time to address this and NOT do as many do and just blow it off.”

I said, “You are so good at this game, why would you need a dictionary?”  They took it in a way that questioned their integrity.  I believe when someone is already sensitive, NO matter what is said, it will be taken wrong. 

It is becoming easier for me to understand with all the problems in the world with different cultures, political views and backgrounds, why it seems impossible to understand and come to terms on any subject.

When two friends who speak the same language can’t agree on something so silly as the rules to an on-line game, how in the world can we agree on issues that are much more important and serious?

Can you relate?