Friday, February 21, 2014

Nothing New Under the Sun

I have had many conversations recently regarding the following subject.  It is that every generation shares the wisdom they learned with the next generation.  The interesting thing is the information never changes.  Now, the way in which the moral or story is shared could be different.  And, the importance or weight of the message could be different.

However, when all is said and done, “There truly is nothing new under the Sun.”  So why is it important to continue to tell and retell certain things? 

For instance, is there really any new information regarding the loss of weight?  I think all would agree that less food, and more exercise works.

Is there anything new regarding money?  I think all would agree that if you spend more than you earn you would be in debt.

And, if you need another example, I think all would agree that if you procrastinate, your chores would not get done.

And still every magazine has an article on diets, financial advice and improving one’s bad habits.

It seems to me that humans are wired in a way that we need to actually experience, not just read or hear from others about life.  It seems to me that the lessons that stay with us are the ones in which we have tried something and failed, and then have tried a different way.

Although it is important to share history in hopes that younger generations don’t repeat what generations before them learned, in reality, when we make mistakes, our best chance of NOT repeating them is to acknowledge them, accept our part in making them and then make the necessary changes.