Tuesday, July 30, 2013

This Land

The song says, “This land is your land, this land is our land.”  The words seem to have more meaning for me as time goes on.  Remembering the lessons of the legendary Johnny Appleseed who planted apple seeds after he would pluck a ripe apple from a tree has me thinking.

The concept is taking, but leaving for the next person.  Somewhere over the years I believe we have lost sight of the group and what is good for all, and we have spent more time concentrating on what is good for the individual.

I write a lot about being an individual.  I write a lot about taking care of us.  And, I am a strong believer in doing this.  I am equally a strong advocate of extending our hands and being there for our family, our friends, our community and the world we live in.

My grandparents had an extreme influence on me in developing a sense of pride in my heritage and the land they came to from what was referred to as the ‘old country’.

When I see people toss things out of their car onto the streets.  When I see people leave cans and bottles on a public wall.  When I see people finish something and not replace it for someone else.  IT MAKES ME NUTS!

Do you appreciate what was planted and left for you?  Do you plan on doing the same for the next generation?