Friday, July 26, 2013


If only finding balance was this easy and fun
There is no question that our world has become more complicated.  While many are enjoying a longer life, and a healthier lifestyle, we are also more stressed and frustrated than ever before.

Finding the balance isn’t always easy.  Children are over scheduled, parents seem over worked and most people try to fit 25 hours into a
24-hour day.

I have talked with many friends on what it means to find the middle.  How do we all balance the many demands that are made on us, and the many demands we make on ourselves?

Bills do mount up.  Laundry does need to be done.  Homework has become so complicated that parental involvement is required.  Wanting to provide a nutritious meal and quality family time does require planning and patience.

At the end of a day there seems to be little time to really kick back and slow down.  I think for most people it is finding moments here and there to take a breath, and just relax.  And, as I write this, I think this has become a luxury.

Perhaps what we should do is schedule into our very busy lives a time each day where we can reflect.  Where we can be with our thoughts and just unwind. 

Sound like a good idea to you?