Friday, August 2, 2013

How Far Have You Come?

I have to admit I was surfing Pinterest this morning.  I have several quotes on there.  I like to see what others are posting as I am finding new things to think about.  And, even though there are many quotes that I have heard many times, like a favorite song from my childhood, many things are worth repeating.

I had written a blog about Rome NOT being built in a day.  A reader commented that she in fact had a long way to go.

When I feel like the road is long and there doesn’t seem to be much progress, I spend time thinking about how far I have come.

I do this with a walk.  I do this with a project.  I do this when I get impatient with myself for NOT finishing all the ‘to do items’ on my ‘to do list’.

So much of our moods, our feelings of self-worth is what we tell ourselves.  I use to think about all the things I don’t know regarding my job.  Now I think about all I the things I have learned and how far I have come.

Simply taking a different view.  Finding a more positive perspective can make all the difference in whether we are happier, more relaxed and keeping a positive attitude in our lives and ourselves.

For me, I would prefer to look up instead of looking down.