Friday, July 12, 2013

Bottom of the 6th.

Last night at dinner the discussion of my mother came up.  My mother is in an assisted living place and in her late 80s.  Around the table we had my grandson who is 10, a handful of 20 and 40 year-olds, my ex-husband, his wife and my son’s in-laws.

The reason I list all the above is to show the wide range of ages we have going on.

My ex-husband asked how my mother was doing.  I used a phrase that my brother uses (a baseball family, we are).  “She’s doing great for someone in the 9th inning.”

My grandson looked up at me with concern.  I said, “Well, Travis, I am in the 7th inning (again, we are a sports family).”  Without even blinking he said, “Naw, Grandma, bottom of the 6th.”  He then went back to playing on his hand-held device.
I have been thinking about this.  We are all somewhere in this journey called life.  We can all look behind and we can all look ahead.  Hopefully we do this with fond memories, and great future memories to come.

I have to constantly remind myself that it isn’t the time we spend living, it is the quality of our time here.  I don’t believe it is as important to be in over-time as it is to make each inning of our lives ones that have meaning and worth.

And, these are my thoughts on this beautiful Friday morning.  You?