Tuesday, July 23, 2013


It seemed like wasted words.  It didn’t even sound convincing to me.  So, how does it make a 10-year old feel better?

It went like this:  A kid started in calling names.  Trying to get others to keep the ball from him.  The 10-year old became a target of random bullying.  It happens all the time.  Teasing, picking on and bullying has been around since the beginning of time.

Parents say things like, “Just ignore it.”  Or, “You know it isn’t true.”  And then we add all the wonderful things the kid is.  This is all in an attempt to not allow the bully to ruin the day, ruin the mood, and ruin the spirit of our children.

Life isn’t easy.  Bullies come in all ages and at various times of our life.  I know people in there 50s who are still affected by things said to them in grade school and during their middle and high school years.  And those who deal with the adult version in their work place.

There really aren’t any answers to this age-old problem.  Kids who are kind and sensitive will never understand why them.  Just like kids who can roll with the punches and blow it off will never understand why it is a big deal.

We can legislate food, drugs and safety laws.  What we can’t legislate is kindness.  That, my friends is something we should teach our children, our grandchildren and yes, even the adults in our lives.

Thoughts?  Share stories?