Wednesday, March 5, 2014

One Person at a Time

The call came from my brother.  He read one of my blogs and asked me how he can get a copy for the owners of his company.  My brother is in sales and is one heck of a producer.  Besides his easy-going personality, he is the very meaning of “the customer always comes first”.  Along with, “Don’t take no for an answer”.

The reason he wanted to share this particular blog was because it addresses the very subject of ‘Not giving up.  Not allowing roadblocks and naysayers to get in the way’.

I spent lots of time thinking about the call from my brother.  Why did I feel as if I got 10,000 hits on my posts instead of just one?  It then dawned on me that while I am trying to reach a very wide audience with my blogs, it is equally important to reach a single person. 

The reason?  Because that person will share and reach someone else.

Ever notice what happens while you are driving and let another driver cut in front of you?  More likely than not, you will observe him extending the same courtesy to the next driver.  Ever notice how when you are impatient and flip a driver off, he is more likely to repeat that gesture to someone else?

We don’t need to make grand changes and gestures.  We don’t need to have a stage or pulpit.  We really just need to go about our day and lives being the kind of person you wish others would be like.

It really is that simple.