Tuesday, March 25, 2014


We all get them.  We make a plan and unplanned things happen.  A close friend told her kids she would babysit while they went to a party.  She didn’t plan on getting sick.  Other friends planned a trip for several months.  They didn’t plan on his mother falling down.  And lastly, a dear friend planned to retire.  What she didn’t plan on was for life to be so expensive.

It isn’t whether we will get thrown curveballs that is the question.  The question is how will we cope when we do?  There are so many options available to us.  We can:

1. Moan and groan
2. Shrug our shoulders
3. Give up
4. Make a new plan

Life, after all, is a journey.  Some of the best journeys are filled with adventure, surprises, and yes, even curveballs.  How boring would life be if it were routine and predictable?

Instead of being upset and angry when life throws you a curveball, how about going back to the drawing board and coming up with a new plan?

My friend offered another babysitting solution to her kids.  My other friends waited a few months, replanned their trip and as I write, they are on vacation having a blast.  The friend who planned on retiring?  She got a lucrative offer and has a plan to work a year.

Yes, if you live in the real world, you will have your share of curveballs.  Don’t let them get you too far off course.  Use some perspective and learn to make them work to your advantage.