Monday, August 5, 2013

Say What?

Words can be very misleading.  We can say the same thing and yet have it mean something entirely different.  For example we might say a friend is stubborn, which has a negative connotation, or we might say they are tenacious, which means they stick to something, which sounds much more positive. 

When leaving a job or leaving a relationship or stopping an activity, do you feel like a quitter?  Or, do you just feel like you’re ready to start something new?

What are the internal messages you tell yourself?  When you choose to spend some time relaxing and kicking back, do you call yourself lazy?  Or do you tell yourself you are getting the rest you need and deserve?

When you start a project and stop, do you get angry at yourself because you feel like you aren’t focused, or do you feel good about yourself for the work you have done so far?

When you choose to have the donut after you committed to diet, do you tell yourself you are a weak, or do you give yourself permission to be human?

All day long we give ourselves messages.  Perhaps we should pay more attention to these.  Perhaps by simply doing this we will get a better understanding of why we feel good about ourselves, or why we judge ourselves too harshly.

Does this make sense?