Sunday, January 6, 2013


Yesterday I wrote a potential blog for posting.  As always, I asked my ‘sanity’ pal to read it for her seal of approval.  Although I rely on her editing expertise, it is equally as important for me to get her take on what I am putting ‘out there’.

I trust and value her opinions as she is loving and yet honest in telling me how she feels.  If I could gift anything to each and everyone I know and don’t know it would to have someone close in your life that loves you, has your back, and more importantly will tell you when you have cheese wedged between your teeth.

Ok, so, she read my potential blog from yesterday.  She knows my style.  I observe, experience or hear about an event.  I try to see the lesson in it.  I share it with anyone interested in my thoughts. 

After she finished reading my work, she asked me a couple of questions.  I gave her all the details including whom I was referring to.  She then told me she believed that the person in question would recognize herself, and would be hurt at what I said.

After much thought, I decided that I would not publish the blog.  I started to think about my own lack of awareness in how someone else might feel.  I thought more about what I wanted to write. 

When have we stopped thinking about the other person?  Are we so involved in our own feelings, or own world that we say and publish whatever is on our minds?

Not every thought needs to be expressed.  Not every emotion needs to be barfed to the world.  I truly believe many of us need to take a look at our own behavior when it comes to what comes out of our mouth, and/or what comes out of our keyboards.

Something to think about.