Sunday, January 27, 2013

Running in the Rain

This morning I was talking with a really good friend.  The subject was my mother and getting older in general.  In her youth, my mother went to the gym long before it was fashionable.  She loved to dance and was usually the ‘belle of the ball’.

She has been in a walker in an assisted living community for many years now.  She fought the walker up until she fell one day and realized that she could no longer get along on her own.

She wouldn’t hear of using a wheelchair, and got angry with anyone who suggested it might be safer for her.  That is until yesterday when she realized that her feet and legs were so bad that the walker was no longer doing the trick.

Just as I was talking with my friend about how sad I felt for my mom, I looked outside and watched the rain.

The first thing that came to my mind was, “I want to go run in the rain”, while I can.  I probably won’t as it is cold, wet and I am not 10 any longer.  However, it got me thinking about the day when I won’t be able to skip, run, or even walk on my own.

Pretty much everyone I know feels as if time is speeding by.  I know for me, I blinked and 2012 was over.  Perhaps I should put on my rain boots, slicker and take a walk in the rain while I can.