Tuesday, January 22, 2013

An Open Heart

The words stick to me like a mantra.  “There are so many dogs who need good homes.”  Last week at this time a very good friend of mine lost her beloved dog of 15 years.  There were sleepless nights, tears that couldn’t stop falling and a broken heart that will be slow to mend.

She and her husband have two other precious dogs, but Roscoe has been a special and loving friend since they were married.

Yesterday they drove 3 hours to visit a 5 year-old little Maltipoo that they fell in love with while searching the Internet.  I am certain that they will be great ‘parents’ to this dog, as I am equally certain that ‘Maggie” has won the ‘doggie jackpot’.

This has me thinking about how we cope in general with loss, disappointment and feeling like we sometimes have a black cloud hanging over our heads.

Some of the choices that come to mind are:  Staying in bed devouring a box of our favorite chocolates (one of my go-to).  There is also, the moaning and crying and just getting it all out (I actually envy those who can do this, it seems very therapeutic).  And, then there is the stiff-upper lip approach.

The bottom line is that we all mourn differently.  We all deal with life’s ups and down differently.  And, we all move on (hopefully), each in our own way.

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who runs or walks for charities, fosters animals, is a big brother or sister to a kid who needs one, and who go to shelters to feed people who otherwise would not have a warm meal.

My personal observation is that those of us who open up our hearts to others feel better, heal quicker and appreciate their own lives in a more positive way.