Monday, September 16, 2013


Whether it is putting off an unpleasant task, losing those extra pounds from the holidays or making a decision to quit or join something, if you’re human you have procrastinated at some point in your life.  For many though, it is a way of life.

Some people procrastinate because they are lazy, but more commonly it is part of a bigger issue.  Whether you are a perfectionist, not focused, depressed or overwhelmed, procrastination most of the time is not your friend.

My personal experience is that if I don’t take care of chores and unpleasant situations when they arise, I become overwhelmed and what could have been a quick, timeless problem then becomes one that immobilizes me.

A very long time ago Billy Jean King was in a very important tennis match.  She was way down in games, a set, and was one point away from being eliminated.

After a long day and a tension-filled tournament, Billy Jean went on to win the match.  During the interview she was asked how she managed to pull off what seemed to be an overwhelming task.

She simply said, “One point at a time.” 

Instead of looking at the 20 pounds, the entire garage, or the 100 thank-you notes you need to write, concentrate on one pound at a time, a section of the garage at a time and a manageable number of notes each day.

Will this work for everyone?  Will this always be fun or easy?  Probably not, however, what it might do is get you to start and work through what at one time you wouldn’t have even bothered with.