Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It Takes A Village

I have a friend who is VERY closed and private when it comes to her personal life.  She gets it from growing up during a time, as I have, where our parents would always say “What happens in this family stays in this family.”  Yes, Vegas was not the first to coin the phrase.  It was followed with, “We don’t air our dirty laundry.”

There are some instances where sharing our troubles with others is actually beneficial.  My friend, who as I said normally would not open up, did just that.  In doing so she got advice and a perspective that she hadn’t thought of herself.

The end result was she took action that helped her immensely.  Without her opening up, she would not have considered another option.

Many of us tend to think we are being a burden.  Many of us tend to think we should be able to handle our own problems.  Many of us tend to think we will be judged.

We all need help from time-to-time.  We all need support from time-to-time.  When you have a problem or a situation that you can’t seem to handle on your own and someone you trust offers help. 

My advice?  GRAB IT!  And, be grateful that someone took the time to be there for you.