Monday, June 24, 2013

Brass Ring

Watching George Clooney on Inside The Actor’s Studio the other night got me thinking about ‘The Brass Ring’.  He made a comment that if it weren’t for ER having that Thursday time slot he wouldn’t have ‘made it’.  He said it very casually, and was most grateful.  However, I think he is wrong.

The reference he made regarding ‘The Brass Ring’, is a symbol for having it all, by getting lucky. Right place, right time.

Remember being a child at an amusement park?  We would ride a horse on the Carousel and try to grab onto ‘The Brass Ring’ which was always just out of reach.

I believe we get many chances, and opportunities throughout our lives to achieve.  I believe there are many roads to the same place.  I believe that even if you miss the bus, there is a train, or a car, or a bike or just plain good old tennis shoes that can get you where you want to go.

I believe that people who are successful do not give up because of any obstacles thrown in their way.  They regroup and go back out there.  Not always right away, and it isn’t always easy.  But what they don’t do is give up.

I also believe that ‘The Brass Ring’ has different meanings for different people. 

For me, it means having raised a wonderful son.  Being a ‘mom’ to a couple of adorable dogs.  Enjoying a loving relationship.  And most importantly learning, growing and always feeling blessed for the things I do have.