Saturday, April 6, 2013


I am getting a real kick out of my grandson as I watch him turn from a little boy to a young man. 

There has been a major shift in the blending of the generations over the past many decades.  Yes, I come from parents who told me many times how lucky I was that they even acknowledged our opinions as they were from the generation of,  “Children were seen yet not heard.”

Both my parents and grandparents were outraged at our clothes and the music we listened to.  They probably didn’t know any of our teen idols nor could they relate to our ‘wish-list’ of toys and games that we wanted.  They didn’t come to the ball field to watch us play, as we had our friends and activities, and they had theirs.

So, back to my grandson.  He face-timed me this morning.  (Face-time is, a technology used by our mobile phone or computer where we can actually see the person we are talking with).  We play similar games on our Apple devices.  We listen to the same tunes (sometimes) on our ‘playlists’.   I have a working knowledge of Sponge-Bob and the movies he goes to see.

I always felt that to be ‘a young’ whatever age you are it is important to be up-to-date in the generation you are living in.  It is the reason many of my friends read People Magazine, watch TMZ and shop at Forever 21. 

My generation doesn’t want to look, act, or pretend to be 20 years younger than they are.  They just don’t want to look, act or be 20 years older before they need to