Thursday, March 21, 2013


The email from my Publicist simply said:  “We did get a first rejection.  They liked the concept and proposal but they had concerns about your not having a big platform.  Don’t fret.  I’m moving on.”

The voice message came later as she was concerned about how I would take this news.  I have been working on a book proposal for the past year and a half and I was now being read in the hopes of getting a book publishing deal.  This would be my first book.  And it is on a subject that I am NOT degreed in.

The interesting thing is I took the news quite well.  One of the largest Literary Agencies in New York read, considered and commented on my work.  To say this is surreal is an understatement.

Now, back to the word ‘rejection’.  This made me think about young mothers trying to get their toddlers into the best pre-schools.  Aspiring actresses and actors going on cattle calls.  Young men applying for the armed services, young adults trying to get admitted to the college of their choice and on the list goes.

Life does not guarantee results.  It just guarantees choices and opportunities.  When faced with rejection, do you blame the universe?  Do you retreat into the corner?  Do you give up the goal?  Or do you dust yourself off, regroup and go back out there?

Me?  I truly am here for the journey.  I truly do believe there is a reason for everything that happens.  And, I am truly grateful for the life I have been given.

Of course, if the rejection list hits 100, I may find myself under covers with a pint of ice cream, a box of Sees Chocolates and an extremely grumpy face.