Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I needed to get cash and was going to the local convenience store to use their ATM.  There was a young mother pushing a stroller with her infant daughter with two young sons by her side.  She instructed the older of the two boys who looked to be around 6 to hold open the door and keep it open with his foot while she entered the store.  She helped him to open the door, as it was heavy.  She looked at me as I was approaching and said, “I’m teaching my son to be a gentlemen.”

After we all entered the store his mother thanked him, and so did I.  He seemed pleased with himself.

When I was leaving the store a few minutes later a middle-aged man was entering.  He held the door open for what appeared to be his wife and was continuing to do so for me when a young lady around 16 cut me and the man’s wife off while she scooted ahead.  Neither a word nor an acknowledgement to any of us.

This really made me think about what we are teaching the next generation about common manners and awareness of those around us.

Clearly some are doing a good job however more clearly some need to step up!