Sunday, March 3, 2013

It's Easier For You

Is this really true, or does it just seem that way? 

A diabetic friend once told me it was easier for me to resist the box of cookies, because I didn’t eat them all up.

This is NOT true.  I chose not to polish off the box.  Easy?  Well, not in the equation.  It was simply a choice.

Why does it appear that things are easier for others just because they do it?

We all make decisions how we spend our money, our time and our efforts.  We all pick and choose what is more important to us at that time.  Bag of M & M’s or a lower weight.  Impulse buying, or saving our money.

It is the wonderful thing about living in a free-society, we have freedom of choice.

Instead of looking at the next guy and judging his choices, I like my 9 year-old grandson’s advice. He told me when he was just six and I wanted him to try yet another vegetable, “Grandma, please mind your own plate.”

From the mouth of babes!