Tuesday, March 19, 2013


They say that, “Youth is wasted on the young.”  I don’t believe that.  Young is a great time in our lives.  We think we will live forever, so we live without regret.  We think we are immortal, so we live full-throttle.  We don’t consider that one day we will be limited in movement and thought, so we race through our days like they will last forever.

The sign read, “What age would you be, if you didn’t know what age you were?”   I was meeting a friend in the Montrose area to have lunch and walk around the farmer’s market.  I came across a fun card and bookstore.  The wall was filled with all sorts of funny and inspirational signs.  This one, however, stayed in my mind.

I tend to reflect about age, accomplishments and what I still want to do.  I tend to do this right around my birthday.  This year doesn’t seem to be any different.

Without much thought, I probably would have said I would be 25 if I didn’t know how old I was.  However, the truth is I am much wiser, more patient, and much more open-minded then I was at that age.  We get a certain amount of time to be very young, young, middle age, and then if we are very lucky, elderly.

If we are really smart, we will embrace all the stages of our life and live each to the very best we can.