Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Who Let the Dogs In?

Anyone who has a dog can relate.  Anyone who has a Beagle can sympathize.  It is built into the DNA of every Beagle to ALWAYS be on the prowl for anything that appears edible.

My Roxie considers ‘edible’ to mean anything she can sink her teeth into and chew.  There isn’t a burger, candy, candy wrapper, veggie or cracker that is safe around her.  AND, when I have guests over, I let them know.  I tell them, “If you care about your plate of food, keep it above your waist or in the middle of the table.”

For those of you who think this is off-subject to what I usually write about, let me continue.

We all attend functions with members of our family that we know to have certain habits, quirks and let’s say, ‘less than desirable’ traits.  Yet, whenever we see them, we expect they will change or perhaps NOT be so annoying. 

Next time you go to that wedding, BBQ, graduation or Mother’s Day brunch, try to embrace the differences.  Instead of becoming uptight or angry because someone else isn’t doing what you think they should, or perhaps acting the way you would like, understand that like the various different dog breeds people also have their ways.

Try to find the “funny”, and the humor in the situation.  If you do this, perhaps the next time will be more enjoyable for you.

Let me know your thoughts.