Friday, November 1, 2013

“You Can’t Do That”

Have you ever been told, “You can’t do it that way?”  Or, “That isn’t the way it is done?”

During a casual lunch the other day, a friend told me a story about her husband and how he started, built and eventually sold a company that he ‘lucked’ into.  I say luck with ‘tongue-in-cheek’.

He had an idea (Engineer Geek) that he felt was a winner.  The problem was he had no idea how to market his product.  It turned out that what he didn’t know worked out better for him than what he did know.

Every year there was a local trade show and he wanted his invention displayed.  He had no contacts or guidelines to help him.

What he did have was an enthusiasm for his product.  He had a belief in himself and because of this, he forged ahead.  He took pictures and he wrote a plan.  He then started digging around until he found the contact information for the company he felt was the right audience.

With no formal training, and no one to guide him and tell him all the reasons things weren’t done this way, he sent off his plan.

It turns out that his letter was read.  It turns out that he was hired for the job.  And, it turns out that he became very successful.

And, yes the end result makes this a great story.  However, the lesson is even more important to me.  And, it should be to you.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you “You aren’t good enough.”  Don’t ever let anyone tell you, “You can’t do that.”  And, don’t ever let someone else stop you from dreaming, or keep you in a box because things have never been done that way before.

A former boss of mine once said to me, “Luck is opportunity meeting preparedness.”  Something for all of us to think about!