Monday, November 18, 2013

Every Victory Counts

I received a card from a very good friend this morning that said these very words.  I have indeed jumped a hurdle.  There are many more to face regarding the challenge I have taken on, however I accomplished a very important one.

I think too often we don’t stop to pat ourselves on the back when we do something good.  We don’t acknowledge the ‘wins’ enough.  We tend to put disclaimers on what we accomplish.  “Oh, I just got lucky.”  Or, “I had lots of help.”  Or even, “I didn’t deserve it.”

Of course, many of us are afraid we will jinx the good luck, or if we get too carried away, life will throw us a curve ball.

On a snow trip many moons ago, I mastered a very hard slope.  I was in shock that I was able to get to the bottom of the hill without a single fall.

It was, however when I was standing still in my glory, that I fell on my ass! It is true that life has many ups and downs. 

I think that is why it is even more important to celebrate every victory that comes your way.  After all, there is not one good reason not to!

Now, go seize the day!