Friday, February 1, 2013

In an Instant!

I was talking with a good friend this morning.  He was advising me to put my blog link on FB, because it took an extra step to go into the Blog Site from Google.

My first thought was, “Great idea.”  Then as I tend to do, I gave it more thought.  Lots of thought.

My mind started with instant potatoes and I quickly scanned to drive-thru restaurants, microwave ovens, faxes, email, twitter and faster WIFI.  There are a million examples to show how in the past few decades our world has become one of instant response and instant gratification.

A throwback to my childhood is “Good things come to those who wait.”  Now, waiting would mean being out of the loop.

There are so many wonderful things that speed and technologies bring to our lives.  We live longer, we are generally healthy, we are a global world and we can connect with family and friends in far away places in an instant.

While not one to look back, and I do embrace the 21st Century, I can’t help but to wonder if we wouldn’t get a better balance, learn to relax and enjoy all the wonderful nature that is literally at our fingertips, by taking the time once in a while to stop and smell the roses.