Thursday, October 9, 2014

Garage Sales

Sometimes while I am driving the neighborhood or walking my dogs, I see various homes where the people are having garage sales. We all see them. The homeowners put on their lawn old kitchen gadgets, out-grown toys, clothes that no longer fit and a variety of things that seemed like a good idea when they bought them (does an exercise item come to mind)?

The day (hopefully) is filled with customers who grab up discarded books, gardening sheers and old cookie jars, all the while looking for a bargain. Now, I image all these customers have their own worn-out, out-of-date items that they would like to display on their front lawn also.


Garage Sale

Why is it that someone else’s ‘junk’ tends to look more appealing than our own? Why is it that the very things we would toss out are the very things we envy when someone else has them?

Does your neighbor’s life seem better than yours? Do their kids seem nicer? Does their grass look greener? Did it seem like they got a better deal on their car than you did?

Instead of peeking over the fence with envy and wanting what someone else has, how about feeling grateful and blessed for what you have?



Life shouldn’t be a race or a competition. Life should be about being happy, enjoying your journey and hopefully appreciating what you do have.

There’s always someone with more, and there’s always someone with less. So next time you look at someone else’s fortune, stop and think that there is someone out there looking at yours.

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Garage Sales