Thursday, October 2, 2014


We all have our fears. Things we dread. Me? Shots, needles or anything else that pokes my skin. Today I am having a relatively small procedure, which entails a shot. I am not looking forward to 10:45 this morning.


child shots

After reading an article regarding Joan Lunden, who is dealing with breast cancer, and my spending some time thinking about family members and their health challenges, I have to admit, I am VERY fortunate.

My daughter-in-law has on many occasions mentioned to my grandson (when facing a needle), that ‘bravery’ is doing something you have to, even if you are scared. This doesn’t change my concerns and fears; it does however, give me something to think about.

We all face our fears and demons at some point in our lives. And it is okay to be scared. And it is okay to show your vulnerability. This doesn’t make you weak or a bad person. It actually makes you human.

Even though others might have a more difficult journey. Or perhaps you are the one with a difficult journey. Don’t minimize what you have to deal with. Keep it in perspective. Feel your feelings. Lean on those you trust.

A very close friend reminds me when I complain about my aches and pains and then qualify it with, “I know others have it worse”, that this does NOT diminish what I am going through.

So, I will put on my ‘big girl panties’, accept a warm hug and a ‘hand-hold’ and face THE NEEDLE while remembering that what I have is curable and for this I am fortunate and blessed.

What are your fears? How do you handle them? I would love to hear from you.


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