Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bucket List

This has become a common phrase. A person makes a list of all the things they want to do ‘before they kick the bucket’. Problem is, we NEVER know when our time will come. There is a 29 year old young lady who is terminally ill, and has made a decision to end her life in the near future.


She doesn’t really talk about dying; she spends her time talking about living. AND, along with her family, she is spending her remaining time doing the things she loves and making memories with the people she loves.


Most of us get up, have our routine, go about our day and eventually climb into bed at night without really giving much thought to our surroundings, whether it is the smells, the sounds and/or the feel of the air. We are living a life, BUT are we really LIVING our lives?


Perhaps because of my age, I am more aware of time and how precious it is. I am about to hit yet another milestone. AND, as a good friend likes to say, “It beats the alternative.” And I absolutely agree.


How about we make a pact? How about the next time you take a walk, or are in the car, or you hear a baby laugh or see a dog wag its tail, you stop in your tracks (ok, not in the car), and you take in ALL the senses and you really become aware of the moment? It is what I plan to do.


Today is NOT like any other, and you will never have it again. If you choose to be a couch potato for the day, do it guilt-free. If you play a sport, give it all you have. If you are reading a good book or sharing coffee with a friend, be in the moment. NOT ON YOUR ELECTRONIC DEVICE!


Don’t be someone who near the end of their life has more on their bucket list than days they have left. A bucket list doesn’t have to have activities like climbing the Himalayas, ski diving, or swimming with the dolphins, although it can.


It can include spending a quality day with your grandchildren. Helping a neighbor with a garage sale, or taking an art class that you always wanted to. Whether your ‘bucket list’ is comprised of bigger than life activities, or smaller ones that have meaning for you, remember what is really important is that you are doing things that fill your heart, give you joy and make your journey one worth taking.


day with your grandchildren


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Bucket List