Friday, July 25, 2014

Until it is Gone

 “I miss the good old days.”  Or, “I really miss my dad.  I think of him everyday.  I would give anything to have more time with him”, are said way too often.  This could also apply to any family member, friend, neighbor or co-worker.

Although many make the time to be with their loved ones, are we really doing a good job of appreciating them while they are still in our lives?  I don’t mean to judge or would I even attempt to say how much time is the right amount of time.   I just know when parents and grandparents are gone; it never seems to be enough.

When I was younger and would go to a restaurant with my family, we always felt bad for the couples that had the newspaper up to their eyeballs while eating with each other.  Now, of course, the whole family sits around a dinner table with the expectation that all the electronic devices are also invited to dine.

I remember a time when adults would talk and children would color or play with their food.  I now see toddlers in their high chairs with a propped up computer screen for them to occupy their time.  REALLY?

Who are these people that think this is a good idea?  Meals, whether at home or in public should be about sharing, lively conversation and laughter.  Have we gotten so far out of touch with what is really important? Do our children have to grow up and move on for us to try and make up for all the years we didn’t get to really know them? Do we need to lose people before we really appreciate them? 

Don’t be the person who regrets not appreciating what you have now until it is gone.  But more importantly, don’t be the person who regrets not spending time with the people you care about in your life until they are gone!

Something to not just think about, but upon!