Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Throwback Thursday!

I have noticed more and more people posting pictures and events from their past. FB has started a craze that is called ‘Throwback Thursday (TBT)’.  (We seem to be a generation of followers of whatever the latest fads are).

I for one, love this new FB trend.  It is wonderful that so many people are honoring their parents and grandparents by sharing memories with friends who have not had the opportunity of knowing them.  

Posting pictures of themselves going through the years and decades of ‘Fashion Faux Pas’. 

The old pictures are so much fun. 

I think there is a larger reason that ‘TBT’ has taken off.  Life is very stressful.  We are challenged with a world that has become global and very competitive.  Many of the values we grew up with have been over-looked or completely ignored.  The truth is, many of us yearn for what we remember as a less complicated time in our lives.

While keeping the past close to your heart, remember the present is where you live.  Make this time the best.  One day when you are much older, it will be today that is a memory for your children and grandchildren.  Don’t just talk about ‘the good old days’.  Create them each and every day.