Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Life Well-Lived

A very close friend of mine recently lost her mother.  In recent conversations with her regarding the funeral, memorial service and her tremendous sadness and loss I sent her an email where I wrote that her mother had a life well-lived.

I wonder how many people can truly say that about themselves. 

I would like to think when my time comes that my life was well-lived.  But, what does that really mean?

I guess we all have to define that for ourselves.  For some, it will be how much wealth they accumulated, for others it will be how much they contributed.  And, for others it will simply be getting through the challenges and demands that life brings.

At various times of my life, I would have answered this question differently.  I have come to realize that what is most important to me now is to leave this life feeling like I gave back more than I received.

Although I know it sounds like a clich√©, it truly is how I feel.  I would like to look back over my decades on this earth and know that I gave as good as I got. 

It is never too late to take stock of your life.  It is never too soon to evaluate your personal checking account.

When your time comes, will people say that your life was well-lived?  Would you say that about yourself?