Monday, December 17, 2012

Isn’t it Ironik?

Yes, IRONIC is spelled wrong.  Well, if you look at it as ‘I Roni K’, then it is spelled exactly the way I intended it to be.

And, that tells you a little about how I tend to see things.  Not exactly as they are or they are expected to be, but how they are according to my world.  And, I believe we all are living a bit in our own worlds.

I have been waiting to launch a writing career.  This started to make me think about all the things that we seem to wait for.  For starters, to get older, to complete school, to move out on our own, to get married, to start a family and on it goes.

Many of us wait for someone else or something else to get our motor going.  “I am going to wait until the New Year to start my diet.  I am going to wait until I have enough money in the bank to buy a house.  I am going to wait for someone in my neighborhood to start a book club”, and on it goes

My best analogy, and I always seem to have one is the following:

I have this beautiful shiny new bicycle with all the necessary parts to take a ride.  The pedals to get and keep me going.  The brakes to help me slow down and/or stop.  The mirror to help me see who is behind me, my helmet to keep me safe, and my horn to scare the crap out of anyone who gets in my way.

And yet???  I am waiting for someone else to give me a push.  And, that is why I have decided to start a Blog.  I like to write.  I like to share my thoughts on how I see the world.  But most importantly, I am ready to ride my bike.

I Roni K.